Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Rhanda

well - how lucky am I? seeing Rhanda perform twice within 2 weeks! I went with Sara and Princess to the Maxim last night to see her strutt her stuff- and she did. Her performance was much stronger and more fun than last time- and it was really nice seeing her having a laugh with the audience and her musicians while she was on stage in a way that didn't distract from her strong stage presence at all. She did one move- really fast big hip circle to one side then low down and up fast o the other- that was so fast i couldn't work out how she did it- I think I said 'wow' out loud!! Her one hip shimmy (always on the R hip) was incredable powerful and at one point she did drops and shimmys on r hip- with R leg raised througout. I've never known anyone with such strong legs!!!

I had to laugh though- because , before Rhanda danced- the singer got me up to dance a little and the crowd seemed to be impresed- although I was for some reason really nervous..... but after a man from tunisia came up to proudly show me the camcorder film of me dancing- and you didn't see my face once in shot, not once- I wasn't sure if i should be glad of that or not really! I did laugh; what else could i do!!

After the cruise, we went into the bar next door to watch a band there for a while (covers- with a singer who worked in Lebanon for a while, seemingly). They were ok, and sara and i had a wee boogie which was fun. Rhanda popped in to say hi, and I saw the back of Asmahan as she left the room- but unfortuantly didn't get change to say hi. Sounds like a who's who of bellydance doesn't it!!!

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