Monday, October 02, 2006


Oops- well- I have done it half a dozen times now- whilst talking with Khalid, my parents and my sister I have on numerous occasions called Cairo 'home'. It didn't go down well. I guess it's because i know i am only here for 2 weeks (only one left now too!) so this is the holiday and that is the getting on with it place.

It really is wonderful seeing everyone here again. Baby Sam is a delight, growing up very fast and clapping his hands together for the first time yesterday in front of the whole family at Alisons surprise birthday party. I'm not sure whether i prefered seeing him do that- or watching my sisters face as she proudly watched him!

I miss the space of my apartment in Cairo, there just seems to be so much stuff here in my flat- but then i don't miss the waking up alone, thats not so good. I miss the sunshine, and the music- and sitting on my balcony listening to the sounds of Cairo. Was getting used to the call to prayer timing my day.

Dancing in Edinburgh is wonderful when so many of my friends and students come along to see me. Thats lovely. However i really miss the build up in excitment levels in the audience in Egypt when you go from either the 'baladi' or 'melody' section in the music into the saaidi section- where everyone knows whats coming up in the music, as well as you do, and they are already either up on their feet or clapping - and all you have to do is keep the hip drop heavy and in time to the beat for them to be 100% on your side. I miss that. But I love chatting with my audience in Edinburgh the way i am not yet free to chat , due to my limited arabic, in Cairo.

So - halfway through my visit home from 'home'........... strange to feel such a strong bond with a city, especially when you know no matter what you do, you could live there your whole life and never really fit in. However there is something in the air there ( or maybe the lack of something- oxygen!) that makes me feel so alive. I'll be going back for more next week!!! All this fresh air here in sunny/rainy/warm/cold (all at the same moment) Scotland is going to my head!

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