Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Birmingham Workshops

I'm just back from teaching a couple of workshop in Birmingham, UK- and I had such a lovely time. The people were very welcoming and friendly and we had a lot of laughs in the workshop too. It was amazing how much technique we got though in a couple of hours and experimenting with drum solos was entertaining too! A small group of us went out at night to a moroccan restaurant to see a lovely dancer from syria- she was full of life and sparkle with some really solid strong technique too- lovely. I'll look forward to going back there next year!

I was really pleased with this email i got from one of the girls in the class, so i am going to blow my own trumpet and let you see it!

''I attended a workshop with you yesterday (Sun) in B'ham and i just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it and took away from it. .... You move so easily & you shimmy like its the most natural thing in the world! i loved your friendly easy going approach to teaching the workshop, and you gave me a lot to think about & work on.Thankyou!''

I really hope I can do more work like this once I have 'served my time' in Cairo (still not sure how long that will take though!!!)- I feel i am learning so much being there and really enjoy passing it on

So... If you are a dancer reading this, from the UK or elsewhere, and are interested in me coming to your area to teach workshops and/or perform then drop me a line! If I am not performing in Cairo at the time- I'll be happy to come and share my love of dance with you too! bellylorna@hotmail.com

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