Monday, September 18, 2006

The Good Stuff- part 2

It's lovely having so much good stuff to write that it needs 2 blogs rather than just one!!!

It's lovely learning to appreciate my own company- I have always surrounded myself with people so much and always been so busy- but now if I get an evening or a day to myself I really quite enjoy just staying in.

It's lovely ordering Pizza Hut via the internet and getting a huge pizza and dessert for under a fiver, and within half an hour.

It's lovely discovering old friends here! - turns out that Sylvia (who used to organize the classes at Edinburgh university for me years ago) has recently moved here to teach.

It's lovely when you receive really unexpected shows of trust and friendship.

It's lovely seeing live music. Haven't had a chance recently- but being able to go most night to see live bands, bellydancers or Sufi show or Zar… there is always something on. And It's lovely having time to actually go see it all!

It's lovely being around so much life. The town is constant- people are in the streets, on the bridges in their cars- lots of noise and chaos- but it all seems to work. There is a vitality here which is hard to compare to other places- I guess maybe Edinburgh during the festival comes close… but this is 12 months a year.

It's lovely taking people round and actually getting into the places at residents rates- not just for the financial reasons but since it really helps me feel like I have got a life here- I'm not just another tourist anymore.

It's lovely having so many visitors... Khalid, Christine, Elspeth, Harriet, Nick, Sugrah, Jackie, Surannah + Mohinda, Aline + Alan, Margaret and Irene. Taking them around and showing them 'my Cairo'.

It's lovely surprising people – "looks there' a foreigner dancing/teaching…… oh, she can actually dance!"

It's lovely munching on fresh guava while I type my blog on the balcony. 12 for under 50p.

It's lovely being able to afford a cleaner!

It's lovely buying new costumes- even if I can't afford them!

It's lovely feeling I am learning so much about the dance- not necessarily new moves or technique (although obviously those too) - but how to dance for an Egyptian audience, how to feel and express the music, how to have fun performing, how to appreciate Arabic music from understanding more about the way of life. Learning how to dance without having to 'prove myself' every time.

It's lovely knowing that I don't HAVE to stay here if things go wrong or get too much…….. that I have lots of people back home supporting me though my time here but who would be equally glad to have me return. Thanks guys!

It's lovely knowing that some of you out there are actually interested in my Cairo waffle!

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