Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Circus Act !!!

I can't believe I haven't written about this yet... but here goes. A couple of weeks ago I was at work performing, and it was unusual because the tour group had booked the entire boat and wanted 2 dancers, one after the other. So Leila and I shared the trip. She would dance upstairs while I was downstairs and then we'd swop. The group were all men, from India.

My 1st show went well... they were quiet- but attentive. I actually enjoyed dancing. Leila however finished really early- and when I get back to the changing room - I found out why... upstairs the men had been so excited about seeing a dancer that they had crowded the stage , leaving her a postage stamp sized space on the dancefloor to perform in- obviously (and rightly!) she left the stage!

I was very nervous about going upstairs and performing after what she had told me about the group but seemingly for 20 min between her show and mine, the men had been getting a lecture from the tour operator about respect and staying in their seats. So by the time I danced, they were about to contain themselves throughout my entire 1st dance anyway. It was in my 2nd number that it all went pear-shaped.

One guy stood up, far from the stage, but he wanted to see better. However this blocked the view of the men behind him who complained. He refused to listen (at this point it's important to note that part of thier package had been unlimited free spirits!!!!). When he refused to sit the men behind became heated and volitile and threw a knife at him.... yes a knife (a table knife rather then kitchen one, thank god!!!). The man ducked and the knife landed hitting my feet on stage!!!!! I quickly picked up my veil and walked very quickly off stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thankfully narrowly missing the beer cans which followed onto the stage (and one hit my tabla players knee!!!)

So thats how I became the girl who stands on stage waiting for the knives to miss her like a circus act.

I was annoyed... but not as upset as you'd imagine, or even as I'd have imagined! After all, it's not like they were actually throwing stuff at ME... it was at each other- because they wanted to watch me! The demon drink ruled that night!

The tour operators were almost in tears with their apologies after and I said they had to warn their customers in future about the dangers of bringing shame to their country!! A few of the men who had behaved well upstaris were also falling over themselves trying to apologise to me. What could I say? they behaved like animals. It was shocking, and dangerous. Thank god no one actually had got hurt. What if that knife had been a little sharper, or ... oh it doesn't bare thinking of really!

This happened the night after the fire on the boat!

I have such an exciting life!!!

Wonder what will happen tonight!

Tomorrow Obama is coming to Cairo to talk with the Cairo University students... which should be amazing.. but of course.. the government have closed down businesses- telling shopkeepers to close at 8pm at night tonight and not to reopen til friday morning! Of course no one will give them any financial recompense for their lost business on one of the busiest days of the week in Cairo! Schools are closed too. It's a long weekend. I have work... just hope the roads will be open enough for me to be able to get there!!!

My work schedule over the next week or so is fairly simple. I am working 3rd-10th June inclusive. It's all good. I love having so much work and am really enjoying it.

NOT enjoying the thought of having to apply full stage make up, false eyelashes and hairpiece in 37 deg temp!

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