Saturday, June 20, 2009

Suraya does samba

I was so good yersterday. 5/6 hours of stretching, toning and watching dance dvd's - ie studying. Was very proud of my self. It's stuff i really should do daily, and get round to maybe monthly!!!

We went to see Suraya last night.


She danced 'Alf leila we leila' to the violin. Breathtaking.

We wondered at her managing to keep a green dress on- since it seemed only to be held together at the sides with a couple of thin straps of diamante. Not sure how that passes the 'mostanafats' eye and yet my Eman galabeya doesn't ? ??? Anyway- beautiful.

My favourite outfit was her melaya (in school uniform- not quite but almost- short sports skirt and bunches and knee length black socks) she was fantastically cute and flirty and just perfect!

The drum solo was massively samba influenced.. to the extent that the band actually stopped playing so a samba CD could be played for a while- it was fantastic. She really pulled it all together well. Lets face it- only Suraya could actually carry that off here in Cairo!

The last time I saw Suraya I liked it but wasn't blown away. This time she seemed much more alive and enjoying herself up there. Wonderful show.

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