Sunday, June 07, 2009


I joked with friends yesterday about my 'normal life'.... what a joke.

Work last night was entertaining. (Hopefully i was too!). First show was not great (well- not my best anyway) because I had a cold and I felt sorry for myself, however large a group of Americans who were there loved the show and one woman got up to dance and could dance really well. We had fun.

Second show went well at the start (I had friends in the audience- it always helps!!!). However, just before the saaidi part of my show my singer came to 'warn' me that the mosanifat (undercover police) were at the dock so i had to finish my show early so they didn't see me on stage. I said, 'but its all ok- my papers are all in order and my costume covers my stomach... so whats the problem?' Anyway seemingly it was and I still had to rush my show ( but thankfully still managed a drum solo that left my friends, and the rest of the audience, open mouthed!).

Nothing happened.

Then the next sail. I find out the police have come on board to moniter whats going on and also to check on upstairs, which has been hired out for a private party. This means I have to wear the dreaded shebaka (body stocking) which I HATE. It makes my belly button disappear which frankly just makes you look weird- like an alien or something.Not to mention being HOT and makes you sweat! The show went really well. Then the fuss; They wanted to see my papers (which were with my manager, not me- and he was out of town) and in the end we had to wait for someone to go to his house, collect my papers and bring them to the boat before i was allowed to leave (long after 2am!).

They also complained that my saaidi galabeya skirt was split too high, that I was showing too much cleavage and that i stood too close to the guests when I got my photo taken with them!

ok- fair enough re the galabeya ( but I did have shorts on underneath!) re the cleavage- I was chuffed to bits!!! ME ??? too much cleavage??? THANK you, was very happy to hear that- and all natural too!!!! re the photos... how bizarre..... you have to stand next to someone to be in the same photo, and if someone is likely to get the wrong idea- do you really think I'd be standing too close to them? I think they were just splitting hairs!!

so that was my night. Just another 'normal' day in the office. Oh, and at 1am I was told I might have to work til 4am.... but then at 1.20 they said no I didn't.

I love my job, I love my job I love my job.......... sorry - sometimes I have to remind myself why I put up with being 'judged' along with the other lack of organisation c**p !


Kim said...

Loved your blog so much, I blogged about it

Hope you don't mind the extra attention :)

I'm sorry the Indian men behaved as jerks. Men like them think getting out of their country gives them the license to behave as badly as they feel like.

I'm ashamed that some of my country men behaved that way. Not all Indian men are like that.

Ahmed said...

I learned about your blog from the Whazzup Egypt blog. This is my first time to hear about this undercover police.. i can imagine what looks they must have been giving u while talking to u..

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

hi Kim... thanks for the comment... and thanks for the plug... always good!!!

i KNOW not all indian men are like that- of course not... it was a special mix of away from home, all men together and too much alcohol!!!! espite that heady cocktail, some of them were still able to control themselves and behave decently... so dont' worry- I dont hold it against the country as a whole!!!!

off to read your blog now!!!

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Ahmed- thanks for your comments too..... It's a weird world I live in... most Egyptians have no concept of what goes on in it!!!