Wednesday, June 17, 2009

London Bellydancers- part 2 !!!

This week i have Eleanor (Eshta) and Nafiseh (of fame) London staying with me.

They are here to participate in the Nile group festival who had their opening show last night.

WOW what a show! LOVED it!

We arrived a little late and had missed Nancy's 1st dance. So when we arrived she was wearing a green catsuit with cut out panels which left NOTHING to the imagination. I have to say the each of the 3 costumes I did see her perform in had me wondering HOW she could dance in that... ie VERY short skirts, without showing Everything. I was kept wondering so much that I have to admit I can't even comment on her dance. at all. Surely the costumes should ADD to the dance- not totally distract you from it??? Anyway- she looked beautiful and sexy.

Nour was next. She is just beautiful... body and soul. Smiling, elegant, cultured, skilled, fun and totally in love with what she is doing. I was insanly jealous of whoever helps her put together her musical sets- she had a fabulous orchestra who moved seemlessly from one song into another and into the 1st again... beautiful. Her costumes are somewhat 'old fashioned' but I have to say- it was a relief after Nancy- since you weren't studying her body - you actually were looking at her moves, her face- that whole package. I had a romantic smile on my face the entire time she danced. Oh and she did one of the best drum solos I have ever seen in Cairo. Such a shame she normally only performs at weddings and there is nowhere other than the festivals where we can go and watch her do her thing!

and next.........................

Corpse bride ( )

That was the next act........... ok... so actually it was Camelia... and I wish to god I had a photo of her so you know what I am talking about.............

If Nour had me smiling romantically at her all night- Camelia had me alternating between laughing out loud and shocked. She certainly knew how to keep her audence Locked onto her! Magnoona !! ( Crazy!!!) She looked a little space cadet around the eyes it has to be said. She has extreme energy, humour and passion in her dance. I loved it. Her noteable moves were lifting her skirts up to show off her lycra shorts (at every opportunity) and swinging her hair around (including washing her face with said hair?!!!). Her sharp moves, hits, drops etc were to DIE for. strong bold sharp on beat- wonderful. Her lyrical interpretating needed some translation at times though... overall... an AMAZING performer. loved it. wanted to see more.. and more.... totally original... and inspiring.

Most people headed off to sleep then unfortuanatly and missed the best saaidi band ever... Hegazy had us up dancing on stage and in front of stage for nearly an hour.. which is pretty good going on a bad cold- but somehwo I held out- well- how could I not really.... with all those Rabab players and mizmar... not to mention the drums- it would be rude not to!!!

Amazing night. And that was the girl's 1st night in Cairo................... what else does Cairo hold in store for London Bellydancers... this week will tell all ( but not sure how much of it i can write on the blog!!!!!!!!!!! )

Tonight - just to drift off the subject slightly... i performed well. I felt. my second set i usually do saaid- Baladi- Tabla solo.... tonight I did ( twice and to great effect both times) Saaidi- Baladi- Lissa Fakir. I was nearly in tears (honest it wasnt just the sweat running into my eyes!!!). My band really can hold it together if the mood takes them- was proud of them, and I suspect them of me too...

This schedule is fairly full on... I am performing on the Nile Pharoah tomorrow (17th) and then 20th- 27th inclusive. Hope more dancers come to see me.......... so much more fun when dancing for people I know and who love dance!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds all very exciting! I hope I would be able to see shows like that one day. ^__^ And your life is Cairo is so intriguing!