Friday, June 19, 2009

London bellydancers do Cairo.... in all its glory.

The girls went off to the Nile group festival this morning for a workshop with Aida Nour. I have to admit- I had a long lie (was bliss) and then taught a private class in my studio.

We headed for an American style lunch.. at Chillis- fabulous- BIG food and a waiter called johnny who skidded to a halt as soon as his name was even whispered and brought iced tea before it was even requested!

then a walk to Amera el Kattans where I got to try on my new costume ( yummy!) then off to Emans costume shop for a fitting for one of the girls and I ordered another costume... ooops... couldn't help myself! Then we dashed off to the Sawy centre in Zamalek to see a show....

but not just any show


the ....

wait for it.........


Abdul Halim Hafiz PUPPET show................

It was possibly the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. Original Halim songs.. but with the full orchestra in puppet form performing it! Ok... so Once we stopped laughed (oh- and after one of the girls gave a TV interview about it all!!!!) then yes- we could appreciate how good the puppeters were- all the musicians played their instruments just when they should with the music.......... but really......... I cannot describe it... the photos say it all. Cairo's answer to the thunderbirds.
The most surreal thing I have ever seen. (seemingly according to the cairolive events blog- the 1st recorded puppet show was in Egypt in 2000BC !!!!!)
Oh and they also do an Om Kalthoum puppet show. .....( check it out if you don't believe me!!!

A walk to Cairo Jazz club took us past an open shoe shop which just had to have half an hour spent inside trying on EVERY shoe........... with one pair, the correct size, it was to be presumed , being delivered in an hour ( ie at 11.30pm!)- they did get the shoe from another branch- but they had ordered the wrong size... oops.. guess the bling went to their heads...

A 'rock' band next in Cairo Jazz club, who played everything from The Police to George michael to Duran duran to .. Oasis. .... oh- and there were 2 guys in there who looked like Jesus. One, the origional- skinny Jesus- and one the American good-living sup-ed up version- big broad musclely thick jaw jesus. Most entertaining. You can imagine the jokes....

The drive home was yet another experience. Egypt beat Italy in football tonight 1-0. I'll repeat that. Egypt beat Italy! The streets were MOBBED in mohandiseen. EVERYONE was on Gamet el dowal st with flags and drums and horns and generally dancing in the streets. A fantastic vibe- and all without alcohol. Egyptians really know how to celebrate.

so recap.... in one Cairo day

-Aida dance workshop
-American lunch with more food than we could eat
-costume shop- bling
-drinks on the balcony ( forgot to mention that earlier!!!)
-A different costume shop- more bling
-A PUPPET show- sore jaw from all the laughter
-a rock concert- with Duran Duran songs....
-a football riot- without alcohol

Cairo.................... you just have to love it.

Otherwise you would go mad!

( oh- and there is probably stuff I forgot about too!!!!!!!!)

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احمد فؤاد افكار نقاشات برامج فلسفة افلام said...

Lorna Gow hello in Egypt? And we must learn well Abdel Halim Hafez was the first Arab singer from my point of view? Look to the songs
I have a question? Is you speake Arabic?
I work in the most beautiful tourist sites.......... and I am fully prepared to help