Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lovely work.........

I am really happy at work just now.

1st of all its tough- cos I want to spend time with my house guests... so thats what makes it all the sweeter that work is actually going well. I'd be gutted if it was a drag!!!!

Tonight I only had 2 shows (2 sails with a deck only each). The 1st sail they changed the normal running order to put me on second and the cover band on 1st (ie when people are eating) and it was WONDERFUL. It meant that the people who didn't want to watch bellydance could go sit outside... and weren't trapped there while they ate having to watch me. However then vast majority stayed and of course , they had chosen to stay for the show and I had their full attention. It was amazing. Really lovely audience, lovely vibe- and my musicians really pulled out all the stops and did me a good show!!!

The the 2nd sail , i was on during the food unfortunatly ( although- to be honest- I prefer to dance before the stand up comedian fill heads with ideas which I'd rather my audience didn't think while they watch my show!!!) so all good. The best was that as soon as I got onto the stage and could look around my audience I realised that a couple who used to come regularly last summer ( and I mean like 5 times in a week!!!) were there in the front table! I couldn't help the smile... was so chuffed they had come back again! I danced my heart out- just for them (wish it had been filmed- would love to see some of the new stuff I felt I came out with, not sure where these moves get stored- not in my conscious brain thats for sure!!!)- but the rest of the audience got carried away with it all too and were just a pure delight.

Old women hugging me... young women making sure they had their photo taken with meto show their friends, Children were sent to me at the end to show off the photograph of them with me. Eyes on me the whole time, despite them having to eat at the same time I was performing! Just LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY. wish every night was like that.

Then my band actually WANTED a rehearsal!!! Yes- you read that right......!!! We went up to the top deck and went through a new song. I'm inspired. To have my band actually keen to work well and do new stuff is just so empowering... I feel I just want to sit for hours with my itunes and choose lots of new music for them to work on while they have the bug!!!!!!!!!!!

It was such a quick night...... but fun. These nights really make up for the difficult ones!!!

The London girls leave for the airport in an hour- I'm going to miss them. I love having a full house of bellydancers! Thankfully a school friend is here to stay for 2 weeks... so its not like I'm going to be at a loose end!

My spare room is available though most of july and august if anyone is mad enough to want to come and sample the heat of the cairene summer?????!!!! .........

.........Sweat is running down my back and off my chin as I type this ( current temp 27 deg) - at 5am- don't ask why I am not sleep at this time- I have no idea... just still on a high from tonights shows I think!!!!

oh- and the girls went to the closing party of Nile group festival yesterday and said that Asmahan did her best show ever and had EVERYONE there with their mouths wide open watching! looked fun- esp with the African dancing boys in grass skirts!!!!!


Judy said...

Hey Lorna! I've just discovered your blog and I must make an effort to come and see you when I next come up to Cairo from our home in Ain Sokhna.

Eleanor said...

Awwww, was so lovely to spend the last 10 days with you, we made it home just fine.

Glad the band are on high form, hopefully it will last a while, eh?!

I got back to Kings Cross and had a big fight with a cab driver who complained I wasn't a big enough fare to make it worth his while, citing 'I'm only trying to make a ***ing living!' Aah, the universal phenomenon that is taxi drivers! Ironically our Cairo drivers could teach him a thing or two about what it REALLY means to be trying to make a living...!

Looking forward to returning to yours as soon as possible!

E x

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Judy- great! see you when you are in town!

Eleanor- was lovely having you here too.... amazing, taxi's are the same the world over! Come back soon!