Sunday, May 31, 2009

More from Sharm!

ok- this could easily become an addiction! I know I was there within the last 2 weeks... but i flew back to Sharm last week ( for 4 days this time) and spent more time in the sunshine!!!

The main excuse was to get there and surprise my sister, her husband and son, Sam since they wouldn't expect to see me again during their holiday! You should have seen their faces!!! I just walked into reception and wee Sam was being carried by his dad and therefore looking backwards over his shoulder... his face just lit up and went into a HUGE surprised grin- pointing and waving at me til his mum and dad turned round to see what all the commotion was about! Totally worth the air fare there!!!!!!!!!!

I have decided I really do love my life ( in case you have been in any doubt after reading my blog!!!!). I often dont write about the bad bits of life in Cairo and instead see this blog as a form of therapy- turning bad experiences into learning ones ( for me and for others!!!). However, I was lying on the beach this week; ipod on, drink in hand, staring out to sea, under a beautiful blue sky thinking this is my weekend........ this is what I can do on a weekend living in this country rather than living in UK. Somehow it does make the stress with hassle, traffic, pollution and bureaucracy of daily life in Cairo worthwhile.

I stayed in a flat this time in Sharm, in the DeltaSharm resort which was beautiful, although the particular flat I had was a cockroach nightmare - they were the size of small mice I swear!!! I generally hung out at my sisters hotel until they left then I had friends staying at the Novotel and I just joined them poolside! At night I left the light on and prayed! ( of course buying some spray would have been the sensible solution - but I was a couple of days into my stay before I worked that one out!!!!!!)

My main achievement I felt was taking the local buses by myself. I could get all the way from DeltaSharm across Naema bay and into Nabq bay for only 3.50le (45 mins)! Fabulous. Especailly when you consider the taxi prices in Sharm seem to be 4 times the taxis in Cairo! Weird sitting in these cramped minibuses, all Egyptian men plus me and yet I felt fine. Not one sleezed on me... people would help give me advice re how much to pay etc etc. Wish to god I could do that in Cairo! Sharm is GOOD place to be in Egypt as a single white women (although granted Dahab is still better).

Have to say though- the single most annoying thing was EVERYONE thinking, no, Assuming I was Russian. Never heard so much russian being spoken in my life as I walked down the streets! A friend assured me its because its usually the Russian women who have such fit bodies and are so good looking.... but that might have been a line!!!!

Photos will follow! also a description of the dancers I saw in Sharm!

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haha i wish the cockroaches bite you