Tuesday, June 16, 2009

London bellydancer - part 1

I've not written for w while since I have been slightly busy with visitors!!!

Emily ( aka the amazing Shahla from London) was staying with me last night and it was a whirlwind week of me working everynight, but also going round costume shops with her all day everyday and then partying all night everynight- usually til 6am ( or even all night!!!) Fabulous. I love my life... but I can't keep up with it!!!

Tuesday night we went to the best R&B club in Cairo which is called Latex and is in Nile hotel ( was nile hilton) every tuesday. It's fabulous. it's a 100le minimum spend- but worth it. fabulous music and people who can dance!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a lot of FUN! This is the music that should me the one true path of enlightenment- that music and dance is what I live for and is the only thing that truely makes me happy. It all started in R&B clubs..... what can I say???

We went to see Suraya dance at the Marriot nightclub. She performs at 12.30am- but we were told 1am on the phone which meant we missed over half her show- was gutted and furious- as you can imagine!!!! Anyway- what we saw was great and we saw my 2 favourite things se does in her show- her violin takasim and her drum solo. Both stunning. i love her belly!

We also went up to Agamy on the north coast for the opening night of the nightclub on the beach there called la piste. It was a fabulous place and amazing night- til 6am... but horrible ending since somehow I ended up on dancefloor alone, surrounded by guys who had their hands everywhere... i was hysterical... felt totally violated and abused. Was one of the most horrific experiences of my life. I do recommend the club- but not after about 4am.. and not unless you are with guys who you know will stick by you and look after you. You need looking after in a place full of dogs like those. Yuck.

anyway...... that was last week................

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