Thursday, May 24, 2007

white pharoah

ok- so really its a bellydancer (me.................Lorna - of Cairo!) in white on the Nile Pharoah- but still!

This picture shows me that this costume revels rather more thigh when i am in motion than it does when I checked it out infront of the mirror!!!!!! oops!


Anonymous said...

at last - some photos! You look gorgeous. How did the tartan outfit go down?
You obviously are enjoying yourself Lorna. Hoping to see you when you're back in the uk

Karen, Dundee

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Actually the tarten goes down really well- esp since very few actually associate it with being scottish- it was all the rage here a year or so ago to have skirts/pinafores etc etc in tarten style material- so they just see it as a pattern. Its only once they get to know where I am from that it then has some significance- which is perfect really since it stops it from being too corny!

Anonymous said...

You have a smile like Samia Gamal in these pictures!! you look beautiful and radiant and it's made me happy to see you look so wonderful!!
PS are you sure that's 'thank god for letting me dance' and not 'thank god this costume holds my boobs in so well!'?!
Elspeth xxx