Monday, May 14, 2007

Performing in Cairo

Did I mention that I LOOOOOOOOOVE dancing in Cairo?!!!!

Really- I have been in bed for a week with the most horrible tummy bug ever- but got back to work friday and saturday and feel like someone has pumped some happy pills into me. I hate not dancing.......its the only sure fire thing to get me down!

Saturday I danced 2 shows at lunchtime then a further 3 in the evening. It was a heck of a long day- but i feel I am still on such a huge learning curve. Ok, so I have dancing in restaurants for at least 9 years now..... but still - to be doing it here in Egypt, with most importantly- my own band! I love it.

I love the excitment of not knowing exactly what you will be dancing to. We, of course, have a playlist of songs I normally use but sometimes the mood just won't fit the people who are in that night or I needed to do more to fill in time or whatever, and the freedom of just chatting with the band mid set and saying- ok- lets try this....... and then just doing it. WOW. Life on the edge!

Then of course there is the Tabla Solo- which is just so much fun. We really do have a giggle on stage- and it is really different every time- mainly because my drummer is a live wire and loves improvising- which means I have to be 100% on the ball to keep up with him! Sometimes of course I put my foot down and refuse to play his game- usually this ends up with a mock fight of some sort (between my hips and his drum!) and the audience laughing.

The feeling of achievement at the end of one of these sets is like nothing else............. when I do my finali and shimmy my way to the end of the music I feel so proud and strong and happy- 'I got to the end'........ 'people are enjoying this'...... 'I am performing in Cairo'!

I also get a huge buzz standing in the changing room , about to go on stage hearing myself being introduced..... 'il Fanana........ Lorna' !!!! (the 'artist' , which here implies the 'star' ) Such a huge ego trip- and I think I get the buzz cos I STILL can't believe its really happening! I feel like a small child on christmas morning every time I go to work!

I wonder how long this feeling will continue- I really hope forever, its better than any drug! (although by the time I am dancing at least 5 shows per day in the busy summer season- who knows? I'll just have to pray for the energy to keep fit enough through it all!!!!)


ClearlyEnlight, said...

Hey Lorna, sounds like fun. I love to hear dancers say "better than any drug". When I preformed and was dancing salsa with a compatible partner I said the same thing. Better than any drug. Dancing is a wonderful natural drug.
Keep having a fun time.

Anonymous said...

It's brilliant to hear you sounding so happy. And making it sound so entirely amazing!! Love the sound of the tabla solo and WISH I could see it - PLEASE get YouTubed!!!! I'm so glad it was worth the wait and I'm so proud of you every time I think of you!!!
Elspeth xxx

Kaydee said...

Darling I am so glad that you feel better and are back-in-action.
Your description of your dance experience touched my heart. EVERYTHING you have experienced until now has just been on your journey to the right place at the right time where you currently are. ALL is as it should be. Love you.


Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

email me- I dont have your email address!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for the comments- hope you're half as happy as i am!