Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nile Group party night (friday)

A little out of date order..........but felt I still wanted to add these entries in about the Nile Group. On the friday of the week they held a dance party, and had performers as well as the competition entries.

Nellie performed- and was lovely- although we felt her part went on just a bit too long when you know there are going to be so many (20-30) people performing for the competition afterwards).

The best dancer for me of the night was a veiled, pregnant woman who got up on stage and danced- I have no idea who she was, but obviously a dancer and egyptian... but she just blow everyone else out of the water! such elegance and poise and cheek and fun- wonderful do have a little of her on video but no pictures sorry! (I'll make an effort soon to work out how to get vidoes onto this blog too!!!!.

The Competition went on for ever- but there were a few really nice dancers. LOTS of dancers from russia and around that area. I couldn't even tell you who won- but she deserved it.

Aida Nour and Kazafy got up on stage in between dancers for a little dance.
Tito had a wee dance on the tables too!

Oh- and I got pushed up onto stage at one point- which was fun- but not exactly a 'performance' as such!

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