Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the excitement continues....

Something exciting happened last night........... I signed my first real autographs!!!!!!!! Maybe its really silly to be excited by such things- but hey! I am loving it!!!!!! It was for a German family- they wanted me to sign the photos of me with them (after they got over the shock of me being from Scotland!!!!)

what else..........? oh- got a couple of 'dancing boys'with sticks performing along side me tonight for the 1st time- so we'll see how that goes!!! The stage is very small so i am a bit concerned about sticks clashing- but hey- it'll be interesting!

oh- and to all my 'Morocco' Dancers- NOW I understand how you felt when i came to see you dance ................. I have Sara and Yasmina (and another dancer from liverpool, Caroline) coming to see me tonight- I am soo nervous!!!!!!!!! Mind you- I have a big group of friends coming to see me next weekend and I am just excited about that!

Need to go try to choose some more music........... if I am dancing EVERY day then the band , and I , are going to get pretty fed up of the same tracks over and over- off to search out some variety!!!!

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