Monday, May 21, 2007

Lorna (of Cairo!) performing in Edinburgh, June '07

As many of you know- I'll be coming home to UK to perform and teach at the Raqs Britannia festival in Blackpool at the end of June.

However, I know many of you, can't make it to that event- and i love dancing for my friends, family and students...... so I have decided to perform in Morocco Restaurant for 2 NIGHTS ONLY, before heading to blackpool.

WED 27th June
THURS 28th June

I hope a few of you can come along since it would be great to see you and catch up (and since I am only home for a few days it won't be possible to socialise as I'd like to!) Also- I'll be able to tell you all the stuff I can't put in my blog about dancing in Cairo!!!!!!!!!! (Plus the 29th is my birthday- and since I'll be in blackpool for it- then this is kinda my celebration for that too!!!!)

warning- book soon........ since this will be my only performances in Scotland before November,when i am home for a week or so, I suspect it may be rather busy these nights (hope so anyway!!!!) (0131 652 3764 to book!)

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