Sunday, May 20, 2007

Paparazzi on the Nile Pharaoh

I haven't told you how Wed night went........

Sara, Yasmina and Caroline came to see me- and I was really nervous. But it went really well and they all seemed to enjoy themselves... which was such a relief! Yasmina complimented my drum solo- which I was really chuffed about cos I do think it is good- we have such a good interaction and it is just getting better each time!

however- what made my night was that the lower deck was full with a private party. It was seemingly famous singers, actresses etc etc. and the paparazzi were there too (2 photographers) anyway- they were the best audience I have EVER had! Out of the approx 80 people, there were about 6 men (who were a lot of fun and also appreciative!!!)....... and I love dancing for a female crowd to start with, but these women were soooo appreciateive- clapping, cheering, dancing.... and they ALL wanted their photo taken with me! A few of them asked how they could contact me again too- so potentially more work from that one too!!!!!

It was so wonderful to be really appreciated by people who really do understand what its all about- not just egyptian women- but fellow artists, ok- not dancers- but people who understand music and the culture 100%!

Found out tonight that my pic will be going into a celeb magazine too (called cinema people- or something like that!) How exciting is that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway- I was floating on a cloud all night after that I tell you..........

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