Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Updates- fame and floundering

so... a good thing yesterday- I saw the copy of the 'people' magazine called 'Cinema walnass' , a bit like 'Hello' Magazine- and I get a REALLY good write up- the 'star lorna', wowing the audience - that sort of thing............ very happy with it. I'm a 'fanana' (sounds rude in english doesn't it!!!)

and the bad thing tonight- landed on my backside in the middle of my performance............ my new costume's (black with chains- call it my 'cher costume'!) skirit was too long and I was doing the Dina style flat foot heavy walk going backwards- and ended up on the floor- HOW EMBARESSING!!!!!!!!! my back now hurts too - so fingers crossed THAT doesn't last!!!!!!!! Think I managed to save it - ie make it look like it was almost meant- sort of... almost.......

at least the second sail was all egyptians and arabs in the audience and they were fantastic- grown men stopping their forks half way between their plate and mouth to watch!!!!! and little girls coming up to me for autographs and to ask my name!

what else........ have my friend Sarannah staying with me for a couple of days and she was wonderful tonight- chopped me up a salad- so when I got home starving and opened the fridge it was sitting there waiting for me- I can't tell you how wonderful that is when you come home starving at 1.30am and then usually have to think about what to eat and start to prepare it! God bless her!

still loving my job- but hope I can stay healthy- it's really tiring doing ti 7 nights in a row!

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Anonymous said...

ALL the best dancers have landed on their (lovely) arses while peforming. In fact, you're only half a dancer till you've landed on your arse while performing.
The pain and emotional distress will fade in time!
Huge hug!!
Elspeth xxx