Wednesday, June 03, 2015

BellyLorna's Bedla Bonanza no.5 Purple Rose Tartan Costume

Let's keep the theme going with this next costume I have for sale.. More Tartan!

No. 5 Purple Rose Tartan

This is a romantic dream of a costume. Yes there is 'Tartan' in it, but there are also like pink and large purple flowers and heavy bead tassles on the beautifully shaped skirt. I love how it flares out. Also the little purple rose bustle on the back of the bum!!! The large flesh mesh covered cut out on the left hip adds a sexy edge to it. Seldom worn because the bra feels a little small on me when I wear it (Although looks fine from the photos! ) this stunning costume is in 'as new' condition. 

Price £200 / $310 (excluding postage) 

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