Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A Coup or not a coup. That is the question...!

So today at 4.30, the army deadline that they gave to Morsi to 'ship up or ship off' was met. Morsi made it very clear he had no intention of leaving of his own choice. Seems he feels it is preferable to die than to lose face or risk ruining the reputation of the Muslim Brotherhood. He says he is protecting 'democracy' but with millions in the streets screaming at him to leave it seems democracy has gone wrong...

He disappointed many people by refusing to make concessions or to step down.. They see him as being more committed to the brotherhood than to Egypt.

The army have now stepped into Cairo streets. There are tanks all around. 

Until announcements are actually made by the army and opposition leaders, hopefully today, we will not actually know if this is an actual military coup or not, but most think not.  Most feel that the people spoke and when Morsi showed he wasn't going to listen, so the army showed that they did.

I am home with my friend Ellie, writing songs about the situation and passing the time. Making our feelings heard without actually going into the streets, which are not safe right now for women especially foreign women. The song Ellie (of London) put on YouTube yesterday 'ar7al ya Morsi' has gone viral within the last 24 hours - it's seems she hit a cord with the Egyptian people! Yalla ya Ellie!

Her 'ar7al Ya Morsi' link is

and breaking... her newest song- just being pubished NOW on youtube-


So it's a night at home for us this evening. Avoiding the streets and hoping things pan out without any more blood shed. Which seems unlikely, but one can always hope. 

Wishing all the best for Egypt and its people, for us all... seemingly the army will make a statement after an hour- so perhaps all will be clearer then!


ok- so before the hour was up the announcement was made.............. NOT a coup- but a restart. new constitution to be made up, new elections- democracy will rule... but done right this time with a public that is more politically aware and parties who actually know how the game Should be played. I am optimistic. And those that know me well know that is not my character!

so happy and relieved and proud of the country. You fought, you won, it got taken over, you fought again and you won again!!! It restores my faith in humanity and all those fairy tales you hear as a child- that good will always win over bad.........

the streets outside my door are ablaze with fireworks.......... people are celebrating- a peaceful revolution- AGAIN. 2 within 3 years- is that not a record???


Vashti said...

Lorna, thanks so much for your perspective on what is happening. (And Ellie's songs are great!)

Stay safe and be well!

Vicky said...

This is cool!