Sunday, January 27, 2013

Islamic Cairo part 2

The citadel ( Al- Qalaa ) and mosque of Muhammad Ali;

View from the citadel of the pyramids...

 As seen from the citadel; The Sultan Hassan and Al-Rifa'i mosques I showed in my previous blog entry ( )

The language of love carved into the wall of the citadel. Egyptians will always be a romantic people.... although perhaps a little more respect for their history would be a good idea?

 The name of God in all things, even the trees!

Fancy a fez? Known in arabic as a tarboosh, the hat is of Ottoman origin and was worn throughout Egypt until after WW1 when the Ottoman empire fell.

After the Citadel we wandered round to Al Ahzar park to catch the sunset. This is the view of the Muhammad Ali mosque from the park...

Dancing with my own live band on the Nile each day aside........... can you see some of the reasons why I love Cairo?

I know with all the bad news coverage Cairo is getting it is probably low on your list of places to visit right now.... but please don't strike it off that list altogether.... It is a city worth seeing! Come see, you won't regret it!



Habiba Dance said...

Thanks for sharing the photos Lorna! It is indeed a beautiful city.

Seeker said...

nice photos