Monday, July 09, 2012

Saaidi, Saidi, Sa'idi

However you spell it... the music and dance from Upper Egypt is by far my favourite at the moment!

This morning I have been putting together my 'Wild Saidi' workshop for my upcoming UK tour.

I honestly hadn't realised how much I have blended the oriental and folkloric styles together to create a style and moves that are 100% me!

I am not one to boast ever about my fact my friends often tell me I should stop putting myself down!...  However, today i will blow my own trumpet a little...  I honestly believe I have something really good to offer to any dancer who wants to learn how to put saidi dancing into their oriental show in a new and exciting way.

That does just sound like a plug for my workshops (and yes it is too... details below...!) but actually it was a bit of an eye opener for me today and i just wanted to share it ... I am loving dance right now and it feels GOOD!

I will be teaching 'Wild Saidi' in the following UK cities;

Swansea- 28th July
Manchester- 4th Aug
London- 11th Aug
Edinburgh 18th Aug 

Anywhere I am teaching 'Lorna style and technique' will get a wee saidi section in there too!!!  (Belfast, Kent, Cambridge, Bristol tbc, )

Looking forward to swinging my stick with you all...

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