Friday, November 04, 2011

The Thursday night dilemma

How awful is my life when my biggest problem on a Thursday night is how to attend both of the best parties of the year, when they are both on at the same time, different locations and have horrible pre Eid traffic seperating them?!

Sara Farouk currently has a group of dancers over from the UK here on holiday, and last night she organised a party for them in her house. She had a band there to play for us all and they were phenomenal musicians. The band included some members who had played for me in Luxor last year when I performed at the farha festival. The singer was Randa Kamels singer... who, as well as being a lovely person, has one of the most fantastic voices, in Cairo, in my opinion! A night of chatting, dancing, eating kushery and rice pudding, and wallowing in the luxury of having such a band play just for our pleasure. I know I love dancing for my living, but there is a different joy altogether to be able to 'just'' dance too. That same joy was stamped on every face in the room.

It was physically painful to have to leave Sara's while the music was still playing in order jump in a cab to the next party, across town.

Ahmed Harfoush is the top Jazz singer in Cairo, and he had a party last night in his stylish apartment, to welcome a friend over from the UK. Everyone there was lovely, interesting, talented and entertaining. I really enjoyed the many conversations I had and wished I could have been there earlier (but of course without missing out on any of Sara's night either!) I was pressed to dance for everyone , and Ellie sang too. She was a star, her voice sounds more impressive every time I hear her. People said lots of complimentary things about my dancing too, which is always nice to hear. There was even some crispy bacon to be had!

When we came home Ellie and I sat and chatted with Laura, current guest in Hotel BellyLorna, til the wee small hours of the morning...

.... and now I am off to dance on the Nile for a coach load of tourists for whom I will become one of Egypt's touristic attractions!

I love my life!

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Habiba Dance said...

Oh, I so want to be back in hotel bellylorna! xx