Saturday, August 06, 2011

Socialising in Scotland and learning how to walk....

It's lovely to be back in Edinburgh to see everyone. So far I've had some time catching up with family and friends and it's been great. Looking forward to a lot more of that.

I have even organised a beach party on portobello promenade on sunday 21st aug (noon- 3pm by the Dalriada bar) to try and round up as many of my scottish friends and fmaily as possible, dancers and non dancers alike. Also attempting an Afridonia reunion ( I used to be a dancer in an African dance group in Edinburgh and I haven't seen all the girlsand guys in the group for ages!) at the same time...

If you can get yourself to portobello on that day- I strongly recommend it. Of course i can't guarentee sunshine, but if it rains I'll still be there, I'm Scottish- brought up on 'Umbrella held over the bbq' summer outings! (but if its wet from 12.30 since thats when the bar actually opens!!!) facebook events page is!/event.php?eid=246783545344958

I'm looking forward to heading down to London this week for a week(arrive last tues night) I have a lot of friends down there I hope to see... workshops which are selling tickets fast.. 2 performance nights (detials will be advertised VERY soon) and private classes too.... not to mention a photoshoot with the fabulous Maani ! I dont know how I am going to fit it all in- but am looking forward to 'doing' London!!! for info on performances and workshops please go to

Loving driving.... miss that in Cairo. But also enjoying walking.... it's not somethig thats is easy to do in Cairo. Apart from the heat, the traffic and the comments from the men in the streets, which can be offputting enough- Cairo has dreadful pavements (if there are any at all... when very high curbs) which means you end up looking at your feet all the time to mind your step and to ensure you dont make unwanted eye contact! I was walking down the pavement here in Edinburgh the other day and realsied that I was looking down the whole time and told myself off for it... 'you're in Uk now... enjoy the scenery- look around', I felt free and alive. The sun was shining and people had really made their gardens beautiful. The 'greenness' of everything was a cooling balm to my dust tired cairo eyes. It's true I didn't receive any unwanted attention, nor stumble on any hole in the pavement... but one horrible thing in UK that you DON'T get in Cairo... dogs dirt. I did manage to avoid it, but only just! People in Cairo seldom have dogs as pets, in fact many are very scared of dogs and see them as very unclean animals. If you have washed to say your prayers and a dog licks you, then you have to do the entire cleansing process again before you pray... ... so in the streets of Cairo, although often have a lot of rubbish on them, they are blissfully free from this curse of UK society. So, I'm back to scanning the pavements as I walk.... whichever of my 2 home countries I am in!

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