Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Folk sometimes say the strangest things...

an American man recently after a performance on the golden pharoah decided he had to come to tell me how good he thought i was , saying- "you are really good you know, you should go to Las Vegas and dance there, really you are good enough" .......  i pointed out to him that i really didn't want to go America to perform on a stage in a hotel which has been made to look like its in Egypt, full of pyrmaids and pharoahs, when i actually currently dance on a boat, on the actual Nile, with my own Egyptian band and Egyptian audiences. He didn't get it... "but no- you'd be really good there.. you should try it." i replied "thank you , but I am really happy here". Then he tried to encourage me to enter in some Amercian talent show, when i said "no, it wasn't really my thing", he kept telling me how good the prize money was... and couldn't understand at all when i said I wasn't into dance for money.

Some people just don't get it at all.........

others do;

The manager of TGI Fridays in Giza welcomed me at the door of the restaurant one afternoon when i had popped in for a bowl of soup inbetween sails at work. " I saw your show last week on the Pharoah. You're very good. Thank you so much for your performance my friends and I really enjoyed it, and if i can do anything for you at all please just say". Then he walked away... no sleeze or horrible comments, just genuine appreciation and respect. It was lovely.

Then, I was in a club in Cairo last night, and in the queue for the bathrooms, a girl came up to me all excited..." i know you, i know you- I'm from Morocco and i've have seen your show on the Nile Pharoah... you were so so good, really talented, and classy and funny too. We all really enjoyed it so much. Thank you, Thank you."

That was nice.


Elspeth said...

Oh wow, you are a celeb - recognised in the queue for the loo, I love it! and I hope you were glowing after the TFI guy! Brilliant. The American guy sounds hilarious - hope you laughed!! Miss you xxxxxxxx

Mariette said...

Greeting from Las Vegas!!!

Wow Lorna - You are becoming quite a celebrity in Egypt! Congrats!
That TGI guy is so sweet for saying that to you - especially coming from a Egyptian male to a foreign female in Egypt. Simply unheard of.
By the way, as a personal tip - don't try the belly dance scene in Vegas. With your skills, you would probably be "accidentally" pushed off the stage for being too good. In all seriousness.

Keep the Nile shimmying! Lots of Love and I miss you!
Your special "2 day" guest,