Monday, May 03, 2010

Death of a Duck

THIS is what happens when the duck stops singing.........................

..... other than that, things are good in Cairo.

The weather is perfect... warm high 20's most days- or low 30's, as yet not too much sand from our annual 'Khamsin' although i guess there is still time for that to kick in! My balcony garden is steadily growing... now i have killed the ants that lived in the pots and didn't seem to be doing them much good. I drink freshly picked mint tea every morning.

Work on the boat has been pretty much daily recently...although I have a few days off due to me later this week.... and I am loving dance and interacting with my audiences. I even feel I am getting the hang of the 'arab' audiences more... but that could be famous last words! The 'trick' seems to be direct eye contact, especially with the women, and not being the 1st to look away!!! Very un-British!! That and a kind of widening the eyes, almost in recognition, when you 1st look at each person. This doesn't seem to work with European audiences so well but is great with the Egyptians and Arabs!!!!!! Obviously the dancing has to be up to scratch too- the eyes alone won't cut it!

I have 2 new guests arriving from London tonight.... so i am sure it will be a party week with little chance to get online, but i am thinking seriously about buying a USB attachment so i can get online at work. I do an awful lot of sitting about between sails at work... so perhaps this is the answer to my massive outstanding email list!!!!?

So, shopping list for today; a couple of boxes of water for the 'mornings after', a USB so i can get some work done and a new duck!

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Miss Vena said...

Poor duckie :-(

I hope you find a new duck that'll make you smile and quack a little!