Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cairo answers

Answers to problems..................... some are very strange... for instance , if I spent a large amount of time in my car... and found my mobile phone battery kept dying- I'd buy a charger for my phone...

in Cairo -no- they install these units at petrol stations so you can charge up your phone as the same time you are filling your car with petrol (or whatever it takes!) and yourself with coffee!

I don't have my own car... therefore don't carry around a charger that works in a car... so i have actually had to use this on occasion!!!!

Actually... my current answer to this problem, which is a huge problem in Cairo since all plans are made and changed at the very last minute!, is to always have a spare battery pr charged in my wallet!!Thats the cost of living moment to moment!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

There used to be one of these in Ocean Terminal!! Speth xx