Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off to London... and EXTRA Edinburgh workshop! Birmingham info too.

I'm so excited...

about to head off to London to teach and perform there... and most of the workshops and performances are sold out (still some places on the sunday workshop I believe in case anyone else fancies a dance this sunday??? ) Oh- and I am planning to bring a few costumes for sale too!!! Planning to wear my 2 new Eman Zaki Costumes... very excited about that!

Also I'm excited cos the demand for my Edinburgh workshops have been so high that I have had to put on ANOTHER workshop to avoid disappointment!

Lorna Madness!
Sat 21st March

Additional Cairo Groove workshop!!!
This is only 2 hours instead of 2.5 hours.... so we’ll be condensing much of the information into the time from earlier workshop... but adding ( if that’s possible!) to the fun! Not suitable if you have already booked to come on the 1.30-4pm workshop as we'll be doing moves and ideas condensed from the Cairo groove workshop earlier on saturday ( which is sold out!)- unless you want to repeat everything of course.
Lets dance and have fun Cairo style!!

Highland room, The pleasance, Edinburgh university.
£20 ( £17.50 for AADS members)
General level (Improvers-Advanced.... ie you must have already mastered the basics!!)
Booking forms from

so.......... if you are in Edinburgh that weekend and interested in either the sunday 22nd march (musical interpretation- 12.30-3pm) , or the new sat 21st march 4.45-6.45pm) please email me asap for a booking form!

Birmingham workshops shaping up well too....
Saturday 28th March...
Cairo Groove- Moves straight from the heart!
General level.
Fitness Firts, Lode Lane, Solihull, Birmingham. £20.
For more info and to Book contact or .

It's all go! Fun- and I have so many observations about Cairo to make since coming back to UK. Things that I have taken for granted in Cairo, thinking they are normal... but then on return to UK finding actually... its very different and worth note... but these things need time ... something I haven't got at the moment- so you'll have to wait for those!!!

The only thing I am dreading about this weekend- is music- I HATE dancing to CD now... I am totally spoiled by having my own band. Even just down to practicalities never mind quality- having to decide in advance what I am going to dance to rather than check the vibe on stage on the night and putting my my request to the band then and there!!!

Better go choose some music I guess..................................


Unknown said...

Lorna, the workshops in London were brilliant, I took away so much! Thank you for being so giving!!

The evening show was great - I'd seen you dance in Cairo and thought you were amazing - you danced a dream on Saturday night!!

What a fabulous weekend!!

Thank you!! xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Lorna
I was at your workshop yesterday, at The Place in London. Thank you so, so much for the session. It was so inspiring. Watching you move as well as taking in your comments on interpreting music.
I've always found belly dancing classes restrictive in some way. I've never left a class with a high like I do when I perform. Yesterday was the first time I left a class feeling the buzz I've been searching for. Eleanor and I would love to take you up on your invitation to Cairo one day. If you're in London in September we'd love to see you again. We'll be performing at Saqarah on Sept 12th as 'Alimah Angels'.
Take care! Love and shimmies! xx

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

C and Rana... thank you both for your lovely comments on the workshops and show.... I had fun in London and am really looking fwd to getting back there again asap! was lovely to meet you both!