Friday, May 02, 2008

Good news re website!

The hijackers have been ousted!!!!

a good friend of mine (Kapil- thank you soooo much!!!) last night managed to solve my website problem.... and find my lost pages for my website too!

so now if you type or they will both bring you directly to this blog!

and since he found the lost info from before too- when i get back to cairo i will set about constructing an actual website to go with the blog too! I'm a very happy bunny!

and a very stressed one too- how much STUFF can one girl collect in her life?????? I am renting out my edinburgh flat from this coming monday and have spent the entire last week clearing and cleaning.... the charity shops love me! still so so much to do.... but have to mention last saturday..

I performed at Alicia and Antony's wedding! I have been close friends with Alicia since we were 10 years old..... to be asked to perform at her wedding really didn't come as a surprise- but my nerves just as i started were. Why oh why is it so much harder to dance when you know it is your friends special day......desperate to impress, and not to mess it up i guess....?!!! Anyway- it all went well- although since bellydance isn't exactly a traditional part of a UK wedding (unlike Egypt) people weren't very sure how to respond, I did manage to get most of the wedding party on the dance floor though! I had fun- and so did the couple- looking fwd to seeing some photos- since I wore my new mango coloured pharonics- VERY NICE!

back to the packing now........

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