Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sleeping in the heat

ok- so tell me- does anyone have any answers........


if you sleep under a fan at night you 'catch' a cold- a cold can be a common cold- or a 'cold' in your stomach- go figure.

if you sleep in AC- you get really ill, and dehydrated (plus it is expensive and really noisy)

if you sleep without anything you sweat so much you wake up drowning , ok so not literally- but not far off (remember its often hotter than 20degrees here at night!)

so tell me- what is a girl to do???????????

I have been in bed for days now with a horrible chest infection (and bad diahhorea) both of which, if I listen to Egyptian folklore, I got because I slept under a fan. Somehow I can't believe that- but really don't know now what to do for the best!!!

But- on an up note- I actually bite the bullet after a year and a half here and phoned a dentist for an appointment- have been too scared too up til now- but needs must- so that story to follow!


Anonymous said...

It is true, you should never sleep with the fan on, you catch a cold and it is hard to get rid of it, the best thing to do when it is very hot at night is to leave your window slightly open if possible and take a shower before going to bed, as for dinner it's better to eat sald or cold dishes and drink buttermilk if you like it, these should help with sleeping in hot weather..and always use cotton sheets..

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lorna,

The answer to your problem may be a Sleepbreeze. It's a new product that you place on your bed that blows a gentle breeze over your body. And unlike ceiling fans it switches off after a 15, 30 or 45 minutes. And it does this gently, so as not to wake you up.

Most of our customers living in hot countries find 10 minutes is sufficient.

And if there's a power failure, then there is also a battery option. So you get to stay cool even when others are sweating!

I agree about the air con. It's expensive, unhealthy and who hasn't woken up shivering in the middle of the night. Yuk!

Here's the webpage:

And all our best for your bellydancing in Cairo!!

Andy & Jill