Monday, August 13, 2007

The Citadel

ok- So I have visited the Citadel here in Cairo countless times..................... but never like this.

For a start- its MUCH larger place than I had realised before- if you walk round to the milatary museam (when I never fancied before so never went- ever) there and gardens there and everything!

I discovered this last night when I went with my good friend Anna Louise, to see a columbian concert there! They seemingly do this every summer- sponsered by the Opera House. Last night there were 3 sepereate stages with performances- a oriental/nubian orchestra, and classical harp ensemble and the group from columbia. ALL FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We watched a little of the harp one while waiting for the columbian group to start. I would have loved the oriental of course- but guess I will have to go with different people who enjoy that sort of music next time! Anyway- the columbian group were great (except the sound system was lousy) there was a prob with a couple fo the mics coming in and out and one speaker would just switch itself off and on again randomly at will. other than that the main spectacle was the audience who just went crazy (all the latino embassies were there!) danicing in the aisles and in their seats- the stewards where having a terrible job trying to contain the excitment!!! Fun.

and for free.............. need to go surf online and see if I can find a program of events for the rest of the summer- would love to go back whenever I am not working!

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