Tuesday, August 07, 2007

on the boat...

oh- in case you are checking this to come see me dance. I am on the Nile Pharoah 7th, 8th and 9th August and the Golden Pharoah 15th.

Leila (american) is back at work on the boat again after having her baby boy, Yousif- so the rota is being shared by 5 of us now- so unfortuanatly not as much work for any of us unless the tourist season picks up. Its their worst summer on the boats- just not enough people!

Guessing the Arabs re travelling elsewhere.................not that you'd think that watching them all in the hantour's (horse drawn carraiges) from which they through firecrackers at the street (and sometimes at people- just for fun) and cruising around mohandiseen- blocking the roads...... grr..!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm an American bellydancer who's coming to Cairo on Aug. 17th - would love to know where you're performing between the 19th and Sept. 2. Please post more about upcoming performances! :)
I'll email you as well,
thanks! Na'imah from Michigan

Blog do Gustav√£o said...

hi, we are from brazil, spending some 5 days in Cairo. Could you give us an advice about where to find bellydance clothes?
alberto and Liana (she - bellydancer)