Thursday, August 09, 2007

screaming fans

ok- I have to tell you all about this cos I am still in shock.
last night, I was in a taxi , heading home from work, when i heard screaming.................

the taxi next to me was full of teenage saudi girls in complete hysterics................. because they had just seen me perform and there I was 'the fanana' (star) in the taxi next to them!

the 2 taxi drivers thought this was a great laugh so they zig zaged their way around each other with one girl reaching her entire upper body out of the car window trying to reach me........!!!!

eventually the taxis stopped and the girls rushed out and I swear my cheeks were brusied because of all the kissing I received on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They almost physically pulled me out the taxi through the window!! they were so excited that one girl couldn't even hold her mobile phone straight to take a picture- she was shaking so much.

I really don't remember ever feeling that level of hysteria- so to be causing it was just a brainwarp!

It was a VERY bizarre and unusual, to say the least, experience- but one I think I'll never forget!!!

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