Thursday, August 09, 2007

bits and bobs ...

I haven't been so good at writing often and keep missing the little things I mean to put in here.. so here goes..

Fish- last friday I went to Ain Sokna again , with a group of friends. It was a stunning hot sunny day- and spent lots of time in the sea which was lovely! One of the group swam out further than the rest and a flying fish swim out the water and brushed past him- causing a angry looking welt on his arm!!! guess fish do fight!

what else- oh- smoking sheesha just before you perform is NOT a good idea............ leaves you out of breath and a bit dizzy!!!

Band and me- we are experimenting trying out new songs each night.......... picture this- I am on top deck ,on the Nile, between sails (ie trips out, rather than between 'the' sails!!!) , surrounded by my band (6 of them) and they are singing me song after song until we find one I know, like and want to dance to. They all play their parts- so they mimic the tabla and duff and org etc etc ........ it really is a show in itself! Esp when the technicians and other crew join in a particularly favourite song!!! Oh and then you get some of them up dancing.................. really, very entertaining. I feel so honoured at times being a part of it all!!!

Cultural differences- a couple of weeks ago, and this happened twice in the space of days, 2 seperate singers from the western band (they change in same room as me) both said the same- 'ah, inti takhena shwaya' meaning literally 'oh you have got a little fatter' JUST what you want to hear seconds before you go onto stage!!!! The 1st time it happened I swear I danced really badly cos my self confidence was shattered, it might be true but NO woman ever wants to hear it! HOWEVER- what they meant- was 'oh good- you are filling out a bit- you look sexier like that, more curves'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So in so many ways- here, bigger still is better! (in some peoples eyes!)

Samia- I thought I would sit down a couple of days ago and watch some DVD's of famous dancers before I went to work- to inspire me...... so I watch Samia Gamal (wish Farid would just get out of shot and let her have space to get on with it!) and I always feel refreshed by her light and cheerful manner. Like watching a butterfly on a summers day. HOWEVER- anyone thinking of doing this yourself before you dance be warned- you will be inspired, and your dancing may improve BUT you WILL feel like a left footed elephant on stage! WEll........ I did.

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