Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Crazy Hours

I finished work last night at 1am... ate and slept for 2 hours- before getting up for a photoshoot at 5am........ I returned home 9 hrs later- to sleep for one hour before going to Golds to teach my class there, then , after a lovely meal (really couldn't say which you'd call it- breakfast? lunch? who knows..) I went home for 1 more hour sleep before I left for work at 10.30pm. Its now 2.45 am and I am just finished eating my 'meal' before going to bed again. 4hrs sleep in total, in 3 seperate stints- bizarre and totally horrible!!! I am completely dazed!

The car broke down on way there- so the photographer is busy with hood up fixing it and I am sitting in front seat putting on false nails- at 5.30am- so surreal!

The photoshoot was amazing though- thank god for make up artists after that little sleep i tell you! My skin is crying out for a facial now though- after all the hours standing about and dancing in thick make up!!!That might be my treat to myself once i have caught up on th sleep!! oh - and before you all ask- yes of course I'll add the photos as soon as I get them!!!!!

oh- an aside-

I saw a policeman, standing in road- directing traffic with a sherbit dip style lollypop in his mouth!!!!!!!!
the origins of where lollypop man came from perhaps???!!!!!!!!!

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