Wednesday, November 08, 2006


well... bought the blanket last night- what a difference!!! It was hard to get out of bed from the warmth this morning- discovered my flat is actually colder inside than out- that explains why I didn't need my AC throughout august but it isn't any help when thinking about the months to come! Seemingly the temp dropped overnight on sat night by 10deg- so everyone is feeling it- not just me! Good- news - It is only supposed to last for 5 days!

Spent some time in the gym today- that was really good- mega stretching- forgot how much my body loves that!!! Back there tomorrow for more of the same. Of course- I don't need to go all the way to a fully equiped gym to do that- but I can't be distracted by emails and chocolate there so I'll be going back! Was nice- finally at the Gym the guys on reception know my name......... Bellydance has some benefits!

Also- talking about being known- a friend saw a dancer at an event recently and spoke to her manager on my behalf and he already knew my name and my story ie re problems finalising a contract- I still haven't decided if thats a good or a bad thing!!!

You know... you forget in an instant on returning to Edinburgh whats its like to walk down the street here in Cairo.... I don't really understand how I am so obviously 'agnabi'- 'foreign'. To get shouts from car windows.. people praising (or questioning?) God as I walk past............ Hmm. I had a conversation with a friend here last night who was saying that he didn't like the Egyptian film 'The Yacobrian Building' recently released here (which I thought was fantastic and got great reviews) because it makes out that Egyptian men are totally preoccupied with sex, with who ever they can get it........... He obviously doesn't get the same responses walking down the street as I do!!!


Olesya said...

Hmmmmm...not pleasant most of the time...I can't even recommmend to get a man to accompany you! Cause then those men may approach him and ask how much he would want for you! Can't win either way. Apparently it's worse for Arab women who live in western countries. When they come back home, men think they have been "westernized" enough to have sex with anyone.

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

olesya- you really are working your way steadily through my blog aren't you- I'm so impressed... your comments on things I wrote often years ago now is lovely and is making me re read what i had written and bringing back memories!

Thanks for taking the time to comment- I really appreciate it !

Olesya said...

Oh dear... I was going to comment on this only to find out I had already done so!!! Lorna, I am afraid I got detoured from reading the blog - the job was stressing me too much over the last few weeks - the joys of credit crunch! I hope I am back on track and am determined to get up to date....eventually! Seeing I have lost ALL my bellydance classes, at least there is something to read (and you have a very good writing style - I am bound to have said that before too...)