Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Arrival in Cairo

you know.... I cried all the way here.......... well nearly all the way ( the air hostess refused me drink at one point- i suspect she thought the tears were drink induced!!!!) ... It has been a really stressful few days (months!!!). Saying goodbye to Khalid and family and friends and knowing that if all goes well out here in Cairo then I won't be home at Christmas is bad enough... but not knowing what it going to happen out here over the next few weeks has got me spinning in my head!

Mind you- I'm here. And two friends, Ahmed and Sherif both came to meet me at the airport- I can't tell you how much that helped. Just to know someone actually gives a damn out here (or maybe it was just the vodka I was bringing????) no, really, it helped me (esp since I don't have to put up with cairo taxi drivers til tomorrow morning now- oh- in 5 hours I mean)

And the Good news- some of you have already commented about the Christmas Parties I usually do at Morocco Walima- well- I may be here in Cairo- but I have 6 wonderful dancers filling in for me back home, so if you fancy a meal, dancing and fun on Sunday 17th Dec, for only £25 (includes a 3 course Moroccan meal and a glass of wine!) then the tickets are now on sale- either directly from Khalid at Morocco Walima, or from Elspeth, Hannah and Moyra in classes.... only 51 places in total available- so get your order in quick!!! ( and I have to plug Christmas day at Morocco Walima, and also hogmony party there too- more on those soon!)

ok- now I am off to bed- it is 4am here......... just arrived, not even opened suitcase yet and the first thing I do is write in my blog... Hmmm guess you guys might be hearing a lot from me over the next few days!!! night night.

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