Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2 men

Here's a photo of the 2 most loved men in my life ........ I am missing them both dreadfully!!!

Shame Khalid has a phone growing out the top of his head........ but mind you... see what Sam has growing out of his!!! The wee devil (I'll leave you to guess which one I mean!!!)

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Anonymous said...

aaaahhhhhh - he is gorgeous! and Sam's not bad either ......Ha Ha
You must see such a difference in Sam each time you see him - I certainly notice it with my niece and see har almost every week - they just grow so fast!

Hey - I know exactly what you mean about the cold - I've been in Tunisia in January the past two years staying in an apartment,and my god it is freezing! It's fine while the sun's out - although the locals are all in puffa jackets, scarves and gloves - but at night the cold just gets right into your bones. We'll need to send you bed socks and cozy jammies for xmas!

Just away to get ready to go to Nova's class at Space
luv and shimmies