Friday, November 10, 2006

feeling sorry for myself

I've got flu.

bones sore, voice gone, throat sore, continual coughing.... been awake for maybe 5 of the last 25 hours.... and heading back to bed again after this too! I haven't worked out if I was feeling so cold earlier this week because I was coming down with this- or if this is because I was so cold!

thats it- no pearls of wisdom re Cairo or dance today-just moaning!!! Bah Humbug. had to cancel 2 meetings tonight re jobs too- so that shows you just how rubbish I am really feeling!!!


Anonymous said...

Poor you! Having the flu sucks, especially if you don't have someone to bring you lemsip at regular intervals!! I hope you feel better soon, look after yourself, Becca :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww Lorna im sure ul be back to shimmying soon, had a great night at walima, still loving the pink dress but i never took a pic of it for mum (Bad Me!) - take care and i look forward to hearing all about your adventures soon xxx (Karen, Mum and Marilyn)

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Thanks for all the sympathy guys- appreciate it! thank god for all the chocolate I brought back with me.... and the lemsip capsules!!! onto my 3rd book in as many days. Feel about 10 years old again - why does being ill make you feel like a child?

Olesya said...

Actually, Egypt offers an excellent lemsip alternative for cold/flu - that red petal tea (forgot its proper name). Apparently it has LOADS of good stuff in it (vitamins, antioxidants - the whole lot). Have an expert tip on the best way to prepare it (they do it this way in Aswan apparently) - put in cold water and leave in the sun for 2-3 days, then you all the vitamins get preserved. But in cold/flu situations, i think it's best to stick to the hot water from the kettle but make it really strong - lots of petals!!!