Thursday, May 21, 2009

Charming Sharm

I logged into my blog today to add the newest entry and discovered what I had written about bad habits last time.... and yes- guilty- have spent nearly 3 hours online already today.... mind you have also done nearly 3 hours of stretching.... so I am fairly proud of myself for that! still feel as stiff as a piece of wood though!

spent 5 days in Sharm this week........ amazing!!! My sister was here with her husband and son, Sam and we spent everyday playing in the pool. Wonderful. It was lovely seeing Sam mellow to me throughout the week... at 1st he was a little wary- but no wonder... I am the beloved auntie who just as he begins to love and trust disappears off abroad for 6 months at a time. He is adorable. miss him so much!

The hotel ( The Park Inn Resort, Nabq bay) was very much geared to familys ( in fact I might have been the only single in the whole place!) There were lots of pool and slides and British and Russians. Food was ok... but only 2 restaurants. It was an all-inclusive so would have been good to have a bit variety! I loved being able to chat to all the staff in arabic though are impressing them ( doesn't take much!) and it did seem to get us better service too!!!! Especially at the pool where our towels were laid out for us every morning before we had even left breakfast!!! in fact.... am thinking of heading back there soon for some more chilling whenever i can get some days off work together! ( although wont be the same without my sister and wee Sam there!)

We didn't have much time outside of the hotel. The hotel had an oriental show with bellydancer and tannoura (or whirling divit as the first choice rep called it!!!!) Bless wee Sam- this is his face watching the bellydancer..... next day when asked what he wanted to do he said - 'watch auntie Lorna bellydance again' I guess he must be really confused as he thinks all bellydancers are his auntie Lorna!!!! ( oh- and their eyes are bright blue normally- i had to get rid of the red eye here and not sure how to make them blue again!!!!!!)
I did go to Hard Rock cafe with them one night for a meal which was interesting- since the music was at nightclub level and it was packed... but fun.
I also went to La Pacha nightclub one night.... 1st time there for me. It was ok. expensive to get in 125 le ( which got you a beer or 2 soft drinks) and it was farily quiet at 1st. The music was full on house, which is not really my thing, ( ok, never mind 'not really'- try 'not at all'!!!!) Anyway, despite that it was a good night, watching the Russian girls strutt around wearing not a lot more than they do on the beach (a culture shock to a girl used to Cairo fashion!!!!!) Glad I went, wonder if they have an R&B night- now THAT I would go back for!!!!

so... back to Cairo...

Work has been interesting the past 2 nights. There are 2 things which make dancing for a living very hard.... a sore back ( thankfully mine is fine- touch wood!) and a dodgy tummy.... Hmmmm. well lets just say... belly rolls have not been in my show much the last couple of days!!!! Despite that- I have had fabulous audiences... really lovely people and lots of very warm feedback. I sat for a while with a group of Americans who asked a whole host of questions about dance and my life here in Cairo and said that meeting me and being able to find out about my life here was one of the main highlights of their trip to Egypt- I was touched!!!( emotionally that is!!!)!! I am wondering if my physical restraints on stage meant that I made more effort with my people skills during the dance. I certainly seem to have been able to make some lovely connections with people in the audiences recently. Or maybe thats because I am relaxed and happy after my holiday!

Off to see if Amera el Kattan has any exciting costume ideas for me.................. I think I deserve a new costume or 2...............!

Life is Good.

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