Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bad Habits...

I have developed a few here in Cairo!

The main one is sitting on facebook all day! I love it as a way to keep up with what everyone back home is doing, and to keep track of events here in Cairo and also for photos..... but my god- 6/7 hours can go by..... I have to take control!!!!

The next bad habit that I haven't exactly picked up in Cairo, but is definatly getting worse, is bad eating patterns. I forget to have food in the house, its way too easy to order in.... and of course I eat when I finish work at 1am or later..... not really sure how I can control this- but something needs to be done.... I am not the shape I once was ( although- don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting I'm a whale either!!!!!!!!!) But pizza is leaving its mark on me. My body misses teaching 25 hours per week!!!

The worst one I tried to rectify today... I started my day with an hour and half of stretching.... unfortunatly still feeling like a piece of wood by the end of it. I stretch maybe once a week..... it's shocking... a professional dancer, performing nearly everyday, yet never stretching... I have to get it together!

So thats my bad habits. Could be worse I guess.

anyway.... All this was prompted by a youtube clip someone just discovered of me. Hmm. well, what can i say - I look very relaxed, and happy and content.... and fairly Egyptian in style. Thats all good. However, it is NOT my best ever body tone or dancing! I feel its not as sharp and accented as I perform this same song in my show now ( this was about 9 months ago I am guessing) but hey.... there are a couple of liquid moments I guess...........so even though I don't really like it much, I am adding it in here for your 'pleasure' .............


Oh- and talking bad habits and youtube... I have always prided myself in NOT sitting for hours in front of youtube. However that was because I would get way too impatient and frustrated waiting for videos to upload. Today I discovered downloading them to real player to watch at your leisure whenever.... so i think i have just discovered my new bad habit ( although I guess also a very good habit too- since you can only learn by watching other dancers.........)

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