Monday, May 25, 2009

My Tabla Solo....... a year ago !

My friend, Natalie, put this clip on youtube this weekend from when she came to Cairo last year and saw me dancing. I didn't even know she had it on film and was a bit worried about what it would turn out like... but I needed have been too worried- its not bad, and more importantly its very useful for me professionally!!!

I have been feeling like my drum solo had stayed the same over the last year... but there are a few things i have changed or added now and also a few things had forgotten i used to do!!!! Some even quite nice! I dont have a video at all of my drum solo from the last few months- so if anyone out there has- i would be really interested to see it and be able to compare then and now.

( The link should appear above in this blog- but some people have been having problems getting it- so just in case its- )

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