Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Daily performances

Today will be 13 nights in a row performing. My body is not as tired as I expected it to be when I saw the rota... but I have to admit I am really looking forward to a day off!!!!

Monday night I had both the best and the worst audiences ever, and both on the same sail!

The best was 1st- the boat was packed with Egyptians... and I danced Enta Omri for them... at whch point they were standing up , singing along, practically crying along with me (I did actually have to hold back some tears- it was very emotional!!!). Amazing. I felt accepted and respected and admired and appreciated. WOW.
Downstairs however was a complete deck of Russian women. They watched, and clapped at the end- but their faces were totally dead, I couldn't raise a smile from them or even acknowledgement at all that I was even there!!I would smile at someone or wink at them or whatever- and completly still facial muscles would remain intact!

From the total high of the mood on top deack, to the complete lack of energy and negative mood downstairs..... It was an extreme rollercoaster which took me the next 3 shows to fully recover from! We had a super late sailing... hence the 5 shows in one night.... so I got home around 2.30am...

Thats of course when I should have gone to bed- but instead I stayed up with 2 girlfriends (also dancers) til 6am dancing and swapping moves and having a laugh. We were pretending to be beyonce and shakira...what can I say? one day I might even grow up- but I hope not! It was an amazing night!

Last night while I was doing my usual round of the tables in case anyone wants photos taken with the dancer, one guy was so adamatly saying no no, that I said its just a photo.... he was like "no no no.... I am married (waving his wedding ring in my face) and I have 3 children ( waving 3 fingers under my nose) ........... " He was so aggresive about the whole thing I strongly pointed out, in a distainful tone, that all i had suggested, was a photo... nothing else, and walked off with his friends laughing at him! I know they put dancers low down on the social scale.... but I dont have to accept it.

Last night I had the most bizarre thing happen to me. I got to work, got changed, did make up / hair etc etc and was in costume, about to leave the changing room to go to stage (my music had started) and I suddenly because incrediably flushed and fainted! Thankfully my dresser and the singer were there to catch me... and fed me water with sugar until I could stand again... but what impressed me was the way the staff and band jumped into action.... the tannoura went on 1st so i had some time to compose myself, and band played longer than usual intros to give me less time on stage... and ALL the staff ( even the chefs) were asking throughout the night how I was, was I ok, could they get me anything etc etc ... They were all so sweet and caring it touched me. I still dont know what happened, I'd eaten and slept enough and was otherwise feeling fine... But somehow I managed to get through 3 shows after that.... I tell you something- My life is NEVER dull!!!!

And the best news from yesterday - saved til last... my sister's holiday in Mexico has been cancelled ( you can probably guess why) so she is coming to Egypt instead!!!! I'm so happy that I am going to get a chance to spend some time with them in sharm el sheik ... just have to pray I can get some nights off work to go!!!!.

Sandstorms have passed and the sun is out again. I have great friends with whom I have a lot of fun. My sister is coming to visit. People cry with me through Enta Omri.

Life is good.
I'm happy.

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