Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nile Group closing party. Part 3- Fatima

Fatima danced after Hanadi at the party on sunday. I liked her. I thought she had a decent amount of technique in there but responded to the music well too. Funnily enough- some people really loved her after Hanadi; since there was space within the dance and others I spoke to thought she was boring- too much standing about. But that is the whole point for me about art- even out of the top masterpieces in the world – not everyone is going to like it, some like Monet, some Van Gogh- it's all subjective!

Fatima has a lovely figure and her costumes show it off well. Unfortunately for her- one of them showed it off more than she probably had intended- it was a peachy colour one long and very tight shiny material with flesh panels, and she was wearing fleshy mesh leggings underneath it, but again- that is all she was wearing! The problem (and I have had this happen to me) is that when there are video camera at an event like that (like at a wedding) the lights they have attached to the camera are sooooo strong that often they make a costume disappear from certain angles. Thankfully for Fatima, I looked on the TV screens and you couldn't see any of that on film.

My favourite part of her show was when she too got Aida Nour up on stage, but rather than leave her to it as Hanadi had done, she danced with her. From the style alone it is obvious Aida has been Fatima's teacher, and the 2 of them danced as though they had choreographed it all- an absolute joy. In fact- maybe my favourite part of the entire night.

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