Sunday, June 07, 2015

BellyLorna's Bedla Bonanza No. 8 Egyptian Zebra Costume SOLD

After the revolution here in Egypt, there was a time when everything was black white and red. Everywhere you looked. The lamposts, the paving stones, the litter bin, you name it, the Egyptian flag colours were everywhere and that is what brought my attention to this lovely costume I am now selling...

No. 8 Egyptian zebra

The thing about the colours of the Egyptian flag is that they are also fantastic colours for fashion. This zebra strip with red accents is so much fun to wear. The kick pleat in the split can be wafted for full effect and the cheeky 'cherries' that dangle from the skirt and the bra add movement and colour. The crystals are beautiful large iridescent stones that really flash in the light.
When I first saw this costume for sale there was no red in it at all. I had the designer add all the red flashes to it to make it pop.... buy it , dance it and enjoy it as much as i have!
Be warned though... The material is a little see through. I usually wear either flesh colour or red short underneath it, just to be on the safe side (not included!) 

Price £150 / $230 

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