Thursday, June 11, 2015

BellyLorna's Bedla Bonanza No. 14 Sexy Santa costume for sale

June seems a rather strange time of year to be selling off this seasonal costume... But hopefully someone who likes to plan ahead will buy it!

No. 14 Sexy Santa

This costume was made my Eman Zaki and designed by me. The flare on the trousers a slimming and fun. The bling is super shiny and the fur would make St Nicholas himself proud. It comes with little arm bands too. The little skater style skirt over the trousers swooshes lovely and makes your moves stand out fabulously. The bra is super padded for maximum effect (this can be removed obviously if you have more naturally than I do!) 
It doesn't come with the Santa hat.... That's sadly past its best now... But a new Santa hat I am sure is easily obtainable in any country! 
Get yourself ready early for Christmas this year... Whether you want to get your photoshoot done early and send out Christmas cards... Or just be super prepared! 

Price £200 / $310

The fur cuffs on the arm bands, the giant candy cane and the santa hat were my own additions to the costume and are not for sale!

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