Wednesday, June 10, 2015

BellyLorna Bedla Bonanza No. 10 Shatanna . Costume for sale

I have always nicknamed my costumes. It just makes it so much easier when talking about them. In my head it's very clear which is my 'pink magnoona' as opposed to the 'Bambi yasmeen' for instance.

The name of this next costume for sale was agreed on between the designer and I ... 

No. 10 Shatanna (she devil) 

Eman Zaki created this gem and it is a striking costume which dances beautifully. I have worn it maybe 4 times max and only so little because I have developed a weird thing against plastic straps! It is in perfect condition. The red and black with the flame style design means it fits its name beautifully I think.

The mask is my own and not for sale! 

Price £200 / $310

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