Wednesday, June 10, 2015

BellyLorna's Bedla Bonanza No. 11 Peach Romance. Costume SOLD !

Over the years I have tried many different Cairo based costume designers. One of my favorites that I keep coming back to is Eman Zaki. In her work the lines are clear, the fabrics quality and the work well done.

No. 11 Peach Romance

This fabric is to die for. A beautiful velvet which has a classy sheen on it. The little arm bands add layer to the look and the matching peach veil is included in the price. I had Eman add the lower of the two appliqu├ęs to close the leg slit a little but that can easily be removed if you want to show a little more leg! This is a much worn and much loved costume, but as testimony to the quality of the materials and work, it looks still as good as new!!! 

Price £180 / $280

 ... and then some professional shots... rather than just the quick iPhone snaps at home!!!!!!

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