Thursday, January 27, 2011

up or down? on or off?


and Twitter

both down again in Egypt tonight.

Which is understandable, with the biggest protests planned for tomorrow, but frustrating for me! Especially when i am sat at home not going anywhere in order to avoid the protests and wouldn't mind keeping abreast of the news. the local news has to come from places like facebook, since the local media seems to be very one sided and limited. The rumours i heard today was that Al Azhar has advised mosques to close tomorrow in the 'problem' areas... and given out a statement that demonstrating is wrong! I don't know that source of this info... but does seem strange if true. I suspect it means that people who just want to perform their friday prayers may get even more upset and protest, when in fact they maybe hadn't been planning to anyway. I guess it may also act as a catalyst for fundimentalists to be more prominant in their involvement. Which may, or may not be the intention!

Anyway- I just want to keep reassuring everyone who sends me messages on here, on twitter and on facebook, that I am safe and well and staying well clear of the problem areas, even if i seem to be offline for periods of time!


Rose said...

I'm thinking of you and all of Egypt. Please stay safe!

Rose in SV

Anonymous said...

Dear Lorna,

Sorry if this is a bit out of the blue, but I wondered whether you might be free to talk tonight for a comment in The Herald (Glasgow)?

I'm writing a piece about the protests, and we were keen to hear from any Scottish people who are affected by them.

If you do have a chance, I'd appreciate it if you could give me a call on (+44) 141 302 6592, or email at

Many thanks, and good luck with it all,

Chris Watt